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The Dolls – The Haunted Dolls – A Tale of Unexpected Murder – Dare You Look Into The Eyes of the Dolls..

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Brand New Mini Series – Now Available
A snapshot into an investigation and how the team work.

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The Haunting Tales of Stratford-on-Avon – Where Ghost Stories Meet History 

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The Interview of Willow Cundy

The Exciting Author, Songwriter and Paranormal Enthusiast



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New Series

The New Series of The Ouija – The Strange World Between Ours and Theirs.
Taking you further into the board and over this series discussing the in-depth scare stories and why is it ok to use a crystal but not the board…

Ouija - Series 1

Series One takes a look into the board and how to use the board safely. It discusses some of the myths with the board and how the board has become to have such a bad name, yet is just another tool for contacting the dead.

Haunted Towns - Coventry

Listen to the tales of the dead as we take you around Haunted Coventry where the dead still live, the hauntings are alive and where the spirits don’t sleep…

Haunted Towns - Warwick

Listen to the tales of the dead as we take you around Haunted Medieval Warwick. Listen to the tales of the dead, the ones that lurk and the ones that touch…